6-string bass viol

after Pierre Prevost

In general

String length 640 mm.

A small and manageable bass viol that is unexpectedly powerful in the bass range. Can also be used as a Division viol or Lyra viol.

The original

Dated 1634, owned by Sigiswald Kuijken. When I joined Reinhard Ossenbrunner’s workshop he had already measured the instrument. I have made several gambas after this model, and Reinhard gave me permission to continue using his data in my own workshop.

About Pierre Prevost

The first mention of the name Pierre Prevost dates back to 1 February 1607, when he began working for Antoine Despont in the Rue des Arcis in Paris. In 1615 he and his companion Nicolas Houdot rented a house, also in Paris, that included a workshop. In 1618 his son Antoine was baptised, with Antoine Despont as his godfather. At this time he was living in the Rue des Arcis again. After 1635 his name is often mentioned in apprentice contracts. On 17 December 1638 we hear about him for the last time. Still living in the Rue des Arcis, he arranges for his son Jaques to become Rene Voboam’s apprentice.

at this moment there is no 6-string bass viol after Pierre Prevost available for purchase

6-string bass viol
types of wood used:
back and ribs:
quilted maple
fingerboard and tailpiece:
ebony veneer with ebony sides and maple inlay