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Utrecht, Buurkerk

Utrecht, Buurkerk

Utrecht 2012, Buurkerk, colleague Markus Kotz visiting our stand

Utrecht 2012, Buurkerk, Aly with colleague Dick Verwolf

Utrecht 2008, Buurkerk, together with my niece Esmee who visited us

Utrecht 2006, Buurkerk

Utrecht 2006, Buurkerk

Utrecht 2003, Vredenburg, Susanne Braumann playing her Lirone

Utrecht 2003,


Early Music Exhibition Utrecht

Since 1991 we visit the “Early Music Exhibition” (Oude Muziekmarkt), during the Early Music Festival Utrecht. Till 2005 it took place in "Muziekcentrum Vredenburg". Then it was moved to "Museum Speelklok" in "De Buurkerk" in the centre of Utrecht. This year they moved again. This time to the Nicolaïchurch in Utrecht.

There, however, it was not possible for the organisation to provide us with enough space to exhibit properly. Therefore, we had to decide to cancel. Hopefully we can come back to the new Vredenburg Hall this year.

for more details: click here for the festival website