Instruments catalogue

Treble Viol (string length:360mm)

after Johan Christian Hoffmann

Tenor Viol (string length:580mm)

after John Rose

6 string Bass Viol

after Pierre Prevost (string length:640mm)

after Pieter Rombouts (string length:670mm)

after Claude Pierray (string length:690mm)

7 string Bass Viol (string length:690mm)

after Johan Christian Hoffmann

after Pieter Rombouts

D and G Violone

after Paolo Magginni


after Brensius


after Joann Kämbl

About us

This catalogue gives you an overview of the models I make. If you are looking for a model which is not in the list, please ask. Now and then new models are added. If you

have special wishes concerning e.g. woods, decorations or otherwise again don't be afraid to ask, I'll be happy to fulfil them if possible. See for examples: sculptures and decorations.

Used sources for the biographies: "Die Geigen und Lautenmacher vom Mittenalter bis zur Gegenwart" W. von Lütgendorff, Frankfurt am Main, 1904, "Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bowmakers", William Henley, Brighton, 1958, "Dictionnaire Universel des Luthiers", Rene Vannes, Brussel, 1979.

-About the strings we use-

On all Instruments we use Gut strings of the brands Kathedrale & Antiquus, both manufactured by Mr. Nicholas Baldock. ( more Kathedrale & Antiquus>> )

For the wounded stings we use again Kathedrale or Pirastro (more pirastro >>)