About Bert

After working in well-known workshops of Violin and Violmakers throughout Europe, Bert Dekker has made a large number of bowed instruments as an independent violmaker. After founding his workshop in his native village Vries (The Netherlands) in 1991, he has had a steady flow of commissions for his work from all over the world by professional and amateur players and music academies.

By studying existing models in museums and of private owners' collections, Bert adapts freely from these historical examples. First of all these models have to be attractive to him for their beauty and character. Moreover they must answer to the clients' wishes as concerned timbre and playability. In short, the clients must be able to realise their aims.

The fact remains however, Bert's ideas and contribution have a lot of priority when it comes to the final realization of the instrument. The co-operation of instrumentmaker, musician and instrument will result in a string-instrument that was inspired both by the player's individual wishes as well as the ideas of the maker.